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Can Standard, Turbo can also

As one of the graphics card manufacturer, bankrupt should always remove the product continuously with a unique model. The uniqueness of the obtained graphics card called HD 4870 Sonic Dual Edition is a speed switch. With the switch, you are faced with two options of overclocking mode is determined from the BIOS, that is normal (750 MHz) or turbo (775 MHz). In addition, the word also means dual with the two fans on the heatsinks that make this graphics card to be more cold. Unfortunately the second round of the fan is quite noisy heatsinks.

Not a lot of equipment that can be found in the sales package in addition to graphics card itself. You will only find an HDMI to DVI adapter, D-Sub to HDMI, a quick installation manual and CD Driver. If you want to use the facilities CrossFireX, you must purchase your own CrossFireX bridge is.

When testing with the turbo mode, the performance of a given graphics card is very good. Messmate Crysis game you can play without any problems if you use this graphics card.

A top-class graphics card that has a very good performance. You are free to determine overclocking mode (normal and turbo) with the switch only. Unfortunately, the fan noise when rotating.

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